Natural Products

Because of the increasing interest in the natural active principles MIR opened the Natural Products unit (NP). The innovative cold extraction process, Naviglio EstrattoreĀ®, and lyophilizers with high capacity allow NP to offer several applications, from extraction to lyophilization of multiple vegetable matrices.

The rapidity, the low-temperature extraction and the high efficiency of the extraction process guarantee the total recovery of not degraded active principles contained in medicinal plants. The extraction can be made both on a small and medium scale.


Experimental Activities

Praparation of fluid extracts, mother tinctures, glycerine preparations, oleolites
Extract from officinal plants for the pharmaceutical, homeopathic, botanical and cosmetic sectors
Extract from vegetable substances for the food, diet, nutraceutical and zootechnical sectors
Production of fruit and herb liquor

Cold extraction of thermolabile analytes

Quali-quantitative analyses through chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques
Analysis of biological activity
Micronization processes through spray drying



6 Naviglio EstrattoreĀ® with different capacity (2L, 20L, 40L)
Lyophilizers Stellar Millrock
Mini Spray-dryer B290
Grinding Mill Albrigi in Herba