Functional Genomics

The laboratory of Functional Genomics (FG) works in the field of genomics, transcriptomics and functional genomics for a complete exploration of genes and/or proteins activity.
FG is equipped with forefront equipments for the Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and it uses the most recent available technologies for functional studies of overexpression, silencing and knock-out.
The modern technologies used and the researchers' expertise allow FG to offer essential services for analyzing gene expression, identifying new genetic mutations/fusions, or studying the role of one or more genes in a specific context. 
This facility is a valid support for hospitals and laboratories of analysis that make diagnostic tests and genetic/molecular analyses.


Experimental Analysis

Analysis of gene expression through Affymetrix Microarrays, qRT-PCR e RNA-seq


Sequencing of DNA through Sanger Sequencing, pyrosequencing and NGS technologies


Determination of  Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) and Copy Number Variation (CNV


Functional studies based on experiments of over-expression, gene silencing, gene knock-out and/or gene-editing