Experimental Pharmacology & Analytical Biochemistry

This unit has a wide cell bank with hundreds of stabilized cell lines, primary cells, tumor cells expressing GFP or Luciferase. The unity develops studies to determine biological activity and toxicity profile of molecules and biological products.

On the basis of the experimental requirements it is possible to choose between several available cellular models and the culture conditions can be adapted to the needs of the experimental design.


Experimental Activities

Cell cultures

- Maintenance and storage in liquid nitrogen
- Tests for pathogens and toxins identifications
- Shipping cell samples systems
- Generation of specific cellular models expressing proteins and / or with silenced genes of interest (SHRNA or CRISPR /Cas9)
- Isolation of new primary cell lines


Cell assays

- Cell vitality and cytotoxicity
- Migration and angiogenesis


Live Cell Imaging (Operetta High-Content Imaging System)

- Signaling Pathway Analysis
- Apoptosis and cell cycle differentiation


Analysis of the biological effect of several types of molecules using in vitro analysis systems
- Immunofluorescence
- Western blot


Evaluation of ligand-receptor affinity by SPR (Biacore T200)

Screening of small molecules and biological agents

Biological assays


Study of intracellular signaling mechanisms